Houston, TX Local Access Numbers
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Houston, Texas Area Customers

All Nww.net access numbers function on a digital roll over and you should never get a busy signal.
If you do receive a busy signal, please make sure your computer has been shut down & restarted recently.
You may even try to dial the access number with your regular phone. If you get a fax type tone sound, then the number is working and your computer must need restarting. If you get a busy signal with your regular phone, then Nww may need to troubleshoot the system.
(Just call
281-479-3154 and report the trouble.)

7135546991 - Houston

2817916991 - Spring

8326210000 - Alvin

8325860000 - Richmond / Rosenberg

Special Note: To check and be sure that a number is not long distance for you, just use your telephone....
dial the number and listen for a modem tone... This means it is not long distance.
But, if you get a voice request to put a 0 or a 1 before the number, then it is probably long distance.